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IQtech Event Service: We provide technical support services for events ranging from promotions, weddings, corporate parties to large-scale festivals. At our warehouse you will find a huge amount of high-quality equipment that will satisfy not only your ideas but also very demanding riders from performers. Our team consists of more than 20 technicians, engineers and genuine experts in their field! Cooperation with us will give you the feeling of comprehensive approach to handling assigned tasks, excellent understanding of importance and value of little things that both small and large events consist of. Our goals are continuous adoption of innovations, flexible thinking, orientation towards the new, being passionate about our work while remembering about moral values. We adopt a “win-win” strategy, where each participant of the process gets his value.




We provide sound, lighting and stage equipment of different level and scale for rent.

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Technical support of the event.

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Meeting technical requirements of the performers.

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Great holiday events, what people love!

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KasyaNova Event

You hardly ever see them without work. The huge part of their work is charity.

It is a really significant gesture in the case of «Summer Challenge» festival. A huge team of people: scenarists, sound designers, engineers will work for free on 24 of August in Rose Valley. We know HOW enormous TECHNICAL SUPPORT and AMOUNT OF WORK is.

We are thankful YOU are our friends and YOU are the real men.

CherITy – 2016

We want to thank extremely magic people who didn’t sleep at nights with us and didn’t eat in a daytime just to plan everything and implement all what is planned 🙂

First of all, IQtech Event Service team is the first who agreed and from 3 a.m. was installing all what you could see at the festival. Exactly these people provided us with good sound, LED screens and rugged stage.

«BILIY ZAMOK» wedding project

Technical support of the event consists of many invisible knights who can make every celebration enchanting. Lighting, sound, visual effects, stage constructions, video broadcasting is all that makes every event unique.

«IQtech» is the one who could help to implement our ideas as they have the biggest technical infrastructure in the city.

We always work with them because we are sure of the result!

Thank you!

Organizers of the festival GaydaFest

From the first common event, we understood that we rely on the best team because it’s hard to disregard the professional skills of IQtech and its passion to all what they do.

We are growing together and jointly raising to the new levels of events, taking your experience of coherence and communication. Finally, we admire everything you do at our events.

Our good friends and great partners IQtech Event Service is the key to the successful event, as first-rate light and sound make happy not only performers but also visitors and organizers.

We are grateful for awesome stage design of the festival, implementing our wishes and all years of cooperation!

ТМ Legend.UA

IQtech Event Service team provided technical support for the event at the high level and also a good mood. Guests of the event enthusiastically shared impressions from long-awaited «Field Day».

Anna Kryvoshypyna – anchorwoman

I want to thank one more time all who joined the preparation of this great show! Special thank IQtech team for REALLY AWESOME podiums, light and sound!!!!!

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