No idea what to do with a list of conditions and requirements given to you by a performer, musician or creative team? Comprehensive fulfillment of all rider items is a necessary condition for organizing performer’s or musician’s show, otherwise a performer has a right to refuse the show without refund of prepayment and compensation of the organizer’s losses.

A rider consists of 2 main parts: technical and personal demands. It may include everything starting from the stage layout to the choice of microphone. For example, American hard rock band “Van Halen” went on tour with a huge amount of stage equipment. One of the demands of their rider was a plate of M&M’s without any brown ones in their dressing room. It was not a whim of rockers, but rather a way to test the attentiveness of organizers to rider details. The organizer’s failure to fulfil this requirement meant that other items of the rider might have been ignored, leading to low quality of the show and its security.

It is very important to know how to read/understand the rider and communicate with the sound engineer or manager of the band. Our professional team will help you!

We have a lot of experience in cooperating with performers, bands and creative teams. IQtech team worked with:



«Mad Heads»



«Vremya i Steklo»



«Tin’ Sontsya»

«Richi Koluchiy»


«Kozak System» and many others.

We will help you arrange a high-quality and comfortable performance!

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