Why do you need other equipment for an outdoor ceremony?

      Are you dreaming about a wonderful and romantic wedding, but one thought of the old lady says “I now declare you husband and wife” with such terrible voice you feel uncomfortable? Or you don’t like decor and traditional Registry Office atmosphere? The best way for you is an outdoor ceremony where everything will be thought out meticulously and every minute of the event will be special and unforgettable.


Ceremonies are different that’s why we recommend you to create a general concept of the event based on common things that unite your couple (for example, music, dances, maybe love to mountains). It is important to make a keynote of the event and unite all components – place, wedding script, sound accompaniment and decor. Generally, ceremony sound is without words, it helps to emphasize emotions, focus on words of the M.C. (Master of Ceremonies) or guest’s actions. Of course, you can select some songs for the appearance of fiance, fiancee, bridesmaid and best man, but we highly recommend you to rely on your professional sound designer and let him decide everything else.


Equipment for an outdoor ceremony is also important. There are 2 main elements: number of guests and location. If you don’t want dances at the ceremony, equipment output may be less than for event hall. Sometimes an outdoor ceremony takes place where there is no electricity and we use electric generator, but don’t worry we place it far enough that no one notices.


If a ceremony is located at terrace or lawn near the restaurant you shouldn’t use equipment that’s installed at the banquet hall, it is better to get another equipment and set up additional set. We strive to be invisible: guests are going into the restaurant accompanied by lyric melody and taking photos after the ceremony to romantic music. No one even knows sound designer (or DJ) prepares to work in the other place. As just imagine how strange will it be if music disappears and people in white t-shirts start to carry loudspeakers or M.C. won’t be able to greet guests and start his program because technician didn’t have time to connect sound equipment.


An outdoor ceremony is such a romantic and lyric event that should be shared with family and friends. So, if you are having this kind of ceremony, you shouldn’t stint the money for additional equipment set.


Anyway, we believe if you want to have an unforgettable outdoor ceremony and you finished reading this article, you will definitely get it!


Love to you!


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